Technology Consulting


Our experience with GSI has honed our skills in the fields of security and logistics. Managing an operation of over 36,000 employees would not be possible without the right technological tools.
Through our alliance with GSI, COGAR has honed its skills at careful analysis of inefficiencies in operational tasks and implementation of technology aided processes that make an employee force function more effectively.

Our Soluction

As an integral part of GSI, we have come to gather an extensive portfolio of service and product providers across several business sectors. Our list of contacts range from logistics to part manufacturers and even management service providers.
At COGAR Trade, we apply our expertise in technology in order to help our clients achieve their growth potential in the most effective and cost efficient manner possible by merging our knowledge and analytical skills with the tech services offered by our portfolio of associates in the technology sector.

Range of our Offering

  • SaaS
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Logistics
  • Implementation of Tech Guided Protocols
  • Technological Tools and Applications