Security Consulting


Identifying risks that threaten the well being of your business requires expert analytical skills and in most cases, to neutralize these risks, the variety of tools and technology required is not offered by consulting firms.

PIC Global takes Security Consulting further than most firms. Our extensive net of security service and security product providers is at the service of all clients that seek to strengthen their security protocols with PIC Global. Through the aid of our business allies and experience in large scale projects, PIC can offer security consulting and solutions for independent clients, large corporations or the government sector.

Our Soluction

Our Security Consulting services offer different levels of depth according to client needs. We may conduct a Security Analysis that our client can fulfill with their own security providers or make use of PIC Global’s extensive net of service and product providers in order to implement the diagnosed security strategy.

Range of our Offering

As an ally of GSI, PIC Global has the capabilities to provide expert Security Services and Security Products

  • -Vehicle Monitoring
  • -Security Guards
  • -Logistics
  • -Alarm Systems
  • -Air and Ground Transportation
  • -Cyber Security