GPS / Systems


Companies that manage large fleets are at risk of their operations delivering substandard service without a tool that allows them to remain in the know of their moving operations.

An unauthorized change in route, hijackings or even a mechanical issue could all greatly affect your operations should the contingency be ignored or not treated accordingly. Any delay risks the quality of your services, at times, even leading up to service cancellations due to client dissatisfaction.

Our Solution

With FLINTEL, we offer the most thorough fleet management system in the market whether you’re behind a desk or on the field. With FLINTEL, you maintain more opportunity to manage contingencies and even track vehicle maintenance schedules to foresee mechanical issues in your fleet.

Guarantee a better service for your clients with FLINTEL by establishing alerts and controls that help you maintain a more efficient fleet.

Our Tools

Locate all your Assets in Real-Time
Set up Alerts:

  • -Marker
  • -Unit not Responding
  • -Panic Button
  • -Excess Speed
  • -Outside GEO zone
  • -In Use
  • -Zone
  • -Maintenance Required
  • -Missed Stop
  • -Route
  • -Generate Reports
  • -Optimize Routes
  • -Verify Completed Routes
  • -On going communication with field agents
  • -Create reports on unfinished services

Flintel offers the most advanced tools for tracking values or human capital.