Consulting for Monitoring Processes


Implementing fleet management optimizes operations and polishes the quality of services you provide. A fleet on the move is constantly exposed to omission of protocols by operators, routine checks by local authority, theft, accidents and even natural disasters, all of which could greatly damage the quality of your service.

Developing an in-house monitoring team can take time and be extremely expensive and outsourcing is only effective when the service provider you’ve chosen has a good level of experience managing large monitoring projects.

Our Soluction

Our alliance with GSI and experience in logistics have honed our skills for the provision of integral fleet management solutions. We work one on one with clients and utilize our knowledge in logistics and security protocols to design the most effective fleet management for your particular line of business, taking into account the risks your operation is exposed to and establish contingency strategies for those particular needs.

Range of our Offering

Through our alliance with GSI, COGAR Trade offers advanced infrastructure to provide monitoring services. Our allied members currently monitor 2500 units simultaneously by establishing precise methods of alert and validation.

  • False Alerts
  • Verified Alerts
  • Panic Alerts
  • Route Delays
  • Service Time Exceeded