Bulletproof Vests


Bullet proof vests and armors for the protection of personnel performing risk duties must offer a high level of protection, material quality and comfort to the user.

Not every bulletproof armor provider performs a thorough evaluation of the product they offer, focusing solely on level of protection, most distributors forget that commodity and freedom of movement during a high risk situation can also save a person’s life.

Our Soluction

In our search for solutions that provide coverage beyond our client’s expectations, PIC Global has formalized an alliance with Rabintex, leader in the development of armored vests and bulletproof protection.

Through our alliance with Rabintex, we have developed a specialty line of vests that provide reinforced qualities, capable of protecting the user from tungsten tip projectiles, a level of protection unmatched in the market.

Through our alliance with Rabintex, PIC offers its clients, solutions of superior ballistic protection and comfort to the user.

Range of our Offering

Level III and IV Ballistic Protection
Protection from:

  • -Rifle Rounds
  • -Unusual High Velocity Pistol Ammunition
  • -Armor Piercing Ammunition
  • -Sharp edged or pointed instruments
  • -Stabs
  • -Blunt Trauma