PIC Global

About us

PIC Global focuses in the design, procurement, and implementation of technological solutions that aim to refine logistics and procedures of any business with a medium to large employee force.

We provide assessment for the implementation of readymade solutions and the creation of novel technological tools that help our clients optimize processes for a standardized provision of quality services. Our solutions, whether ready or custom made are designed to help our clients achieve their short and long term growth forecasts. 
We work in collaboration with our clients, analyzing their growth goals, determining obstacles and finding technology aided solutions that project them at the frontline of their business sector.


Through our alliance with GSI, a global company with presence in five countries, we have attained valuable insights in the design and implementation of procedures driving GSI’s 36,000 employee operation.

Our alliance with GSI has versed us with key knowledge in the field of private security and logistics. Each solution and product we commercialize is approved for its contribution to a safer operation and its versatility across business sectors.
GSI’s capabilities in the field of private security have helped us acquire immense amounts of knowledge in products and services pertaining to logistics and the security field, making us apt providers of Security Consulting Services.

Why we're the best candidate

We are experts in Security Solutions and the application of Technology into operative processes. We constantly formalize ties with innovative businesses partners, maintaining a portfolio of leading advantages for our clients.

This business model, made possible by our relationship with GSI’s allies, allows us to make available to our clients a number of options that any other provider of security and technology solutions would be unable to accrue.


We design effective solutions by integrating our client’s growth projections into technology driven enterprises. Our portfolio of readymade solutions deliver innovative alternatives that project our clients to the front of their market sector .

More Details

Upgrade your operation and improve service quality with our solution for fleet management in real-time.

Unmatched ballistic protection for core, cranium, and extremities. Our bulletproof vests and armors provide ultimate protection and freedom of movement.

Our integration of technologies in the Smart Box allows you to perform a pre-reconciliation of the deposit entered and removed during the workday.


We offer consulting services for medium to large scale projects, supporting our solutions with service and product providers ranging from access control mechanisms, to real-time human capital management, and cyber security.

More Details

Our range of Technological Tools seek upgrade the quality of your services and are compatible with any business sector.

Implementing fleet management optimizes operations and polishes the quality of services you provide.

Our alliance with GSI has honed our knowledge in security strategy design and logistics of plan implementations.

Simplify information management through our SaaS platform, grasp opportunities Real-Time with Go Metrix.

We are a group of professionals dedicated to create security's solutions